Mother Daughter Photos | Severna Park Photographer | Nina K Photography

Mother-daughter photo sessions are some of my favorite. There is nothing quite like a mom and her daughter and the connection they have. A little girl looks up to her mom like no one else.

Photographing these sessions is so fun for me because they are FULL of love and emotion, even if they don’t know it. I have little girls, and let me tell you, it’s the best. (Boy moms, I know little boys are awesome too!)

Abby and her daughter have that special connection. Her little girl is freakin’ adorable. She loves horses, she’s full of life, and is a blast to photograph.  This year was a special one for them…and these photos show their strong bond.little girl peeking through fencemother daughter on fencemom girl kiss
mom daughter in barnmom and little girl in stablebraidshappy little girl photo

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