Portrait sessions are so much fun and should reflect who you are!

Think simple clothing without logos. The same “tones” are best.  All light, medium or dark clothing will keep the focus on your beautiful faces instead of being distracted (for example, one light or white shirt between two dark shirts will distract). Avoid all white or busy patterns.

Accessories and layers can add some dimension to your photos. We want to show your style and personality!

We will also discuss clothing suggestions during your consultation , based on the decor style of the room where you will be hanging your portraits.



The best time to have your maternity photos taken is at about 7-8 months. A little earlier or later is fine, but at 8 months your belly is usually nice and round!

What to bring:

 Any tops you might want to include. Layers are good for creating different looks. Long, flowy materials are great.

Bandeau or sports bra (black,white,nude- for bare belly shots)

If you and your significant other are both going to be in the photos, similar or complimenting colors always look great!

Any jewelry or accessories you might like to wear

If you are planning on any bare belly shots, please do not wear elastic maternity pants over your stomach prior to your session. This way we avoid the elastic lines on your skin.

 Anything special to you that you might want to include in the photo (baby shoes, sonogram photos, hats, etc)

Natural makeup



Newborn sessions are best within the first 2 weeks of life.  This is because they are still so sleepy and small, it is great for those curled up poses.

Here are some tips for the session:

Newborn sessions can easily take up to 2 hours.

Baby is usually photographed in the nude or in wraps, as outfits often look way too big on babies so small 🙂

These photos work best when baby is asleep, which can take a while. Patience is the most important part of this session!

Making sure baby has just been fed always helps to get them sleepy.

Leave diapers loose to lessen the amount of lines on the skin

Have any hats, booties, blankets, props you might want to include (my style is more natural, but any special items are welcome!)

Plain, neutral colored shirt for parents

Don’t stress! Parents are welcome to nap, get coffee, or do whatever you want during this time!


Some other great ages to have your baby photographed are:

Sitting up- When your child is able to sit up on their own, great photos can be captured without them getting uncomfortable.

Walking- Once your child can walk, it opens a whole new world of photos!

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